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This home was very tired indeed. The owner wanted to achieve maximum rental income for it, but realised that in the state that it was in, it was not possible. The old hallway carpet was replaced with inexpensive tiles, the house was repainted with a colour scheme that bought about a cohesion. Existing furniture was upcycled and reused. The budget was 2k. The house is always rented out, and with high profit margins.

My house was in need of an upgrade. It had become tired-looking and stuck in the past. Mojo breathed new life into it, injecting colour and light, and making a space of beauty. I am so pleased with the transformation and all on budget. Sally is so gifted and very much hands on. I was impressed by her upcycling skills too. More importantly, she listened and gave me what I wanted and more... a space I love to live in as do my tennants.



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