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"It is all about the experience. 

In today's competitive market, having a stylish, well thought out rental property will give you the edge over others."



"MOJO Interior Design helped us turn an unused space (a garage) in our home into a wonderful AirBnB.

We simply didn't think it could be possible! It has been a great way to earn a satisfying income and is rented out all year round. We, and our customers, love it!"

Mr and Mrs Reilly

Fife, Scotland

Our staging services range from consultation only, part (accessories) hire & dressing right through to full furnishings hire & dressing.

In addition, and either combined with furnishing/dressing or entirely separately, we undertake both remedial tradeworks and full refurbishments. Used regularly by many of the leading estate agents & property developers in the Edinburgh area, we are especially useful to their clients living abroad or without the time to be coordinating matters themselves.

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